Lord & Burnham at Under Glass


Lord and Burnham

Under Glass Mfg Corp is the exclusive manufacturer of the Original Lord & Burnham greenhouses and solariums. We were established in 1989 after acquiring the Lord & Burnham product line. Our company is the oldest greenhouse manufacturer in the United States.

At Under Glass we are committed to our motto: “Elegance and Function”. The growing environment cannot be compromised.

The History of an American Company

The Lord & Burnham line of greenhouses has been continually manufactured since 1849. Frederick A. Lord and his son-in-law, William A. Burnham formed a partnership and incorporated in 1883 as Lord’s Horticulture manufacturing company. In 1890 the name was changed to Lord & Burnham. When we at Under Glass Mfg. acquired Lord & Burnham we were not only acquiring the product line but also the wonderful engineering and design history of architectural elegance and function. We are very proud to be a continual part of manufacturing greenhouses and solariums in the USA.

Early greenhouses were made of cypress wood and iron or steel. Experimentation with aluminum as a material for greenhouse construction was started as early as 1932 when the U.S. Botanical Gardens in Washington, D.C. were built. However, it was not until 1955 that greenhouses with exterior members of aluminum had reached a point where they were competitive with wood construction.

The Orlyt line of hobby greenhouses was introduced in 1939 and redesigned in 1954 with aluminum. Under Glass continues to manufacture this line of hobby greenhouses. Over the years some modifications have been made but the basic design remains.

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